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Tue, 05-01-2007
Gothic & Lolita
 Gothic & Lolita No.03-B Short Sleeve Dress with Apron Version B   

Gothic & Lolita No.03-B Short Sleeve Dress with Apron Version B + White Petticoat

"Hello! thank you very much for the Gothic Lolita costume! It is absolutely perfect! I wore it to Anime Expo 2006 and I was asked for alot of pictures! I hope to keep on ordering from you! Thank you very much! I am sorry for taking so long for getting these photos! Next time, I will be faster. Thanks again! -Lauren"
Chobits Chii
CHOBITS Atashi Hat & Star
Bleach Shinigami
Ouran High School Girls' Uniform RENGE
Gothic & Lolita No.03-B Short Sleeve Dress with Apron Version B
Card Captor Sakura 1st Season Op. Pink Dress
Chobits Chii
Battle Royale School Uniform Full Set (Limited Design)
Card Captor Sakura Pink Kitty
Digi Charat Puchiko
Card Captor Sarkura Winter School Uniform Set
Di Gi Charat DEJIKO
MKR Hikaru School Uniform
Steel Angel KURUMI
CHOBITS Atashi Hat & Star
Chobits Chii's Dress
Card Captor Sakura 3rd Op. Dress
Chobits Chii
Chobits Chii's Dress - Light Yellow Version
Battle Royale
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