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Tue, 05-29-2007
Gothic & Lolita
 Gothic & Lolita No.09 Custom Color: Black + Turquoise   

Gothic & Lolita No.09 Custom Color: Black + Turquoise
*Small Black Batty Wings are replaced to Black Wings from GL-10

AnimeNorth 2007, Canada

Hello there! I got my costume a week before hand and it is simply gorgeous ^^ Anime North was this past weekend, May 25-27th and my costume was a hit just as it my costume last year was. I had someone ask me for a picture, I was sitting on the front lawns of the con and I got up to have it taken, she told me I didn't have to but then she commented that she was glad I did because sitting gave the outfit no justice to what it looked like in full. Thanks again, I'll be more then happy to order from you again for next year =)

P.S. I am using the petticoat I bought from you last year ^^

Card Captor Sakura School Uniform
BLEACH Urahara
GL Limited Red Usagi Yukata Dress Set
GL Limited
IVORY-GOLD Yukata Dress
Card Captor Sakura 3rd Op. Dress
Bleach Shinigami
Bleach Shinigami
Di Gi Charat DEJIKO
Digi Charat Puchiko
COSARU + KOTORI 5pt at AnimeNEXT 2007 Artists' Alley
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu Haruhi School Uniform Full Set
GL Limited Design Pink Sakura Yukata Dress Set
Di Gi Charat DEJIKO
GL Limited Design Pink Sakura Yukata Dress Set
Black/Pink Neko Mimi
Di Gi Charat Dejiko
GL Limited White-Ivory-Gold Lolita Dress
GL Limited Black & White Kimono Dress Set w. Mini Black Top Hat
Gothic & Lolita No.01B Red & White Kimono/Yukata Dress
BLEACH Shinigami Captain's White Coat
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