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Mon, 07-30-2007
Final Fantasy X-2
 Finaly Fantasy X-2 Yuna Songstress   

(From Left)
- Gothic & Lolita No.09 Custom Color Ivory & Mint Kimon/Yukata Maid Dress Set

- Finaly Fantasy X-2 Yuna Songstress/Singer Version


Cosaru, look at what your beautiful handiwork did for me!!! My first cosplay was a lot of fun, and got a lot of compliments, and it's all thanks to you!!! I hope we cross paths again for next year's con, only problem is...I need to figure out who to cosplay as!!!! *wails in dispair* Anyway, I really want to thank you for hard work, I'm eternally grateful.

<3 Chelsea
Azumanga Daioh WINTER School Uniform
CHOBITS Chii's Creamy Ivory Satin Dress
GL-03B Short Sleeve White Dress w. Apron
Card Captor Sakura School Uniform WINTER
Card Captor Sakura Summer School Uniform
Suzumiya Haruhi School Uniform Full Set
Gothic & Lolita Halloween Special Design Panda Maid Dress
Neko & Usagi Mimi
Card Captor Sakura
Steel Angel KURUMI
Chobits Chii's Dress
Card Captor Sakura 3rd Op. Dress
Steel Angel KURUMI
Finaly Fantasy X-2 Yuna Songstress
Card Captor Sakura 3rd Season Op. Vr. Dress
Card Captor Sakura Pink Kitty
Card Captor Sakura 3rd Op. Dress
Steel Angel KURUMI
Gothic & Lolita No. 02 Pink Kimono Dress set
Gothic & Lolita No.03 (Custom Color)
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