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Tue, 08-08-2006
Gothic & Lolita
 GL01B: Red & White Kimono Dress   

Cosaru Cosplay,

Hi there! I'm just writing to thank you for the wonderful outfit you created for me.(Red and white Kimono dress set, skirt version B) I wore it to Otakon this year... and just wanted to tell you how popular it was. I got *so* many compliments, and asked for photos countless times. (hundreds, at least.) The dress was a perfect fit too. but I think the best part of it was how unique it was. I didn't see *anything* like it on anyone else, which was someone others noticed as well. I gave out your name, so hopefully it drums up some good business for you. I'm excited about next year's convention, and would *love* to do business with you again for another outfit when I get over my 'post-con' spending.

I'm attaching a photo of me in the dress as well, in case you'd like to see it. I paired it with some platform white gothic shoes, white thigh highs, and a long wig. <3 (I had loosened the obi-belt a little before the photo was taken, as it was the end of the day. I'm not sure if it's noticable or not, but I figured I would say so, so it doesn't appear that I was wearing it incorrectly all day long. <3)

I realize that it was a business transaction, but I wanted to let you know how enjoyable my experience was because of your outfit. ^_^ I hope you keep up the good work, and that I have a chance to get something else from you.


               O O
*Sam* <(^.^ <)~
Gothic & Lolita No.01-B (Custom Color)
GL01B: Red & White Kimono Dress
Gothic & Lolita No.03 (Custom Color)
Gothic & Lolita No.03 (Custom Color)
Gothic & Lolita No.01-B
Gothic & Lolita No.01-B
Gothic & Lolita No.01-B
Gothic & Lolita No.01B Custom Color
GL-03B Short Sleeve White Dress w. Apron
GL-02 Pink Furisode Kimono
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