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Tue, 05-29-2007
Gothic & Lolita
 Gothic & Lolita No.09 Custom Color: Black + Turquoise   

Gothic & Lolita No.09 Custom Color: Black + Turquoise
*Small Black Batty Wings are replaced to Black Wings from GL-10

AnimeNorth 2007, Canada

Hello there! I got my costume a week before hand and it is simply gorgeous ^^ Anime North was this past weekend, May 25-27th and my costume was a hit just as it my costume last year was. I had someone ask me for a picture, I was sitting on the front lawns of the con and I got up to have it taken, she told me I didn't have to but then she commented that she was glad I did because sitting gave the outfit no justice to what it looked like in full. Thanks again, I'll be more then happy to order from you again for next year =)

P.S. I am using the petticoat I bought from you last year ^^

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