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Sun, 08-12-2007
 InuYasha KIKYO   

InuYasha KIKYO. Cosplayed by KIYA.

Konnichiwa! Great Job on the Kikyou Cosplay!

Hi there!

I'd like to comment on the Kikyou cosplay. It was wonderful! You did a GREAT job on it! My best friend and I were overwhelmed with the comments on the cosplays and the picture taking! I was REALLY surprised when some asked to take pictures to put on their websites! I was overly excited. I'm dressing up at Kikyou again next year, but I plan on being Kagome and Ayame also. Three days; three different cosplays yet all in the same series! My best friend is doing the same. She's going to be InuYasha again and Kouga. She hasn't chosen her third yet. =3 Or even, just InuYasha and Kouga is fine! So, now I'm looking for Kouga and Ayame cosplays. I might come back to order another Kikyou cosplay because I plan on gaining a bit of weight, going to the doctors and stuff like that. ~.^ So I'm defiantly coming back to you! I'm guessing this would be the best place to send the picture, so here they are!

Hopefully I didn't send too many pictures >_<; If you need them in files, I can send them in files =D! THANK AGAIN!

-Olivia AKA Kiya-
Gothic & Lolita No. 02 Pink Kimono Dress set
Gothic & Lolita No. 02 Pink Kimono Dress set
Gothic & Lolita No. 12A Pink Butterfly Kimono/Yukata Dress Set
Azumanga Daioh School Uniform (Summer)
Ouran High School Host Club - RENGE -
Gothic & Lolita No.01B Red & White Kimono/Yukata Dress
BLEACH Shinigami
Bleach Shinigami
GL Limited
Pink-White-Gold Yukata
Battle Royale
Card Captor Sakura 3rd Op. Dress
Gothic & Lolita Costumes worn by HappyFunSmile Band
GL Limited
IVORY-GOLD Yukata Dress
Ouran High School Host Club - RENGE -
GL Limited Black & White Kimono Dress Set w. Mini Black Top Hat
GL Limited White-Ivory-Gold Lolita Dress
Card Captor Sakura School Uniform
Di Gi Charat Dejiko
Azumanga Daioh School Uniform (Summer)
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