Shipping Problems?

As I have used U.S. Postal Service (USPS) since year 1998, all packages have arrived safely and in timely manner. However, nobody knows what will happen during future delivery. So if that's the case, please read below:

It's your responsibility to provide correct shipping address when you submit your order form.
When you pay by PayPal, make sure you enter the same shipping address as the order form you submitted.

Q When will you ship my order?
A I'll give you "expected shipping date" when I reply to your order form and set an order schedule. So you will knoe the date when your order will be shipped. I also send a shipping confirmation email after I ship your package.

Q I haven't received the item yet. When do I get my package?
A Priority Mail takes average 2-3 days delivery (if it's US domestic), but it is NOT guaranteed service. Please wait about one week and after that if still the package doesn't arrive to you, Please email me.

Q I received the package, but some parts are lost or damaged.
A If you have any lost or damaged contents in a box, please contact me immediately!
If it's Cosaru's mistake, the missing parts will be shipped right away.
If it was caused during postal delivery and your shipping includes insurance, I'll file a claim for loss or damage to post office. After that, you'll get a full refund. When filing a claim, I may need your money order/cashier's check receipt(if you pay by money order/cashier's check) to prove the value of item. Refunding process will take about month after Post Office confirms the claim.
*If your shipping does not include insurance, you cannot claim for refund.

Q Package hasn't arrived over 1 and 2 weeks. What happened?
A-1 When the box is undeliverable, it should be returned to me with the same mail class I sent you. After I get the returned box, I'll ship it again. If it's buyer's mistake to provide wrong shipping address, you need to pay another S&H fee again. If it's Cosaru's mistake, of course it's no charge and will be shipped right away.

A-2 If the package is considered as a complete loss, I'll file a claim for loss.
"A properly completed and supported claim is usually paid within 30 days."
After that, you'll get full refund by the same payment method you've sent. If you've paid by moneyorder/cashier's check, I'll need those receipt when filing a claim to prove the value of the item.


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