When the size doesn't fit you...

When it's order-made & custom-sized costumes, I make your costumes with the measurements that you emailed me.

All measurements taken are your responsibility.
Cosaru will do the best to make fitted costumes based on the measurements you provide.
But "PERFECT FIT" is almost impossible unless Cosaru measures your size in real and modifies the pattern & garment several times.
That's why Cosaru asks you to give more detailed measurements other than Bust-Waist-Hip.
And with those specific size info, Cosaru can make a costume that fits closed to your size.

Size Alteration
After you receive your order, if you want to ask me to alter a certain part of the costume, you can request me to alter the size. BUT FIRST YOU MUST EMAIL ME ABOUT ALTERATION.

Here's a few rules for alteration...

- You're just asking to alter the costume size:

FIRST, you must email me that which part you want me to alter. (some parts cannot be altered depends on costumes)
You'll pay for both ways of shipping fee.
There'll be ALTERATION FEE(fee varies depends on the item) and it must be PAID priot to your alteration.
Please make sure to add delivery confirmation or insurance on the packge when you send it to me.
Cosaru is not responsible for lost item caused by postal service when you send the item back.

- Size is made significantly different from the measurements you gave me:

Then, it seems that it's Cosaru's fault making the costume without following the measurements you provided.
This has never happened so far because I  repeatedly check the size when I make a costume.
But if it becomes the case in the future, you must EMAIL ME WITHIN 3 DAYS after you receive the item.
I'll either offer a full refund OR I'll fix/alter the size and ship it back to you for FREE.
*When you return the item for a full refund, the item will be examined if it's in original condition.
If there is defect on the item caused by the buyer, returns/refunds will be not accepted. The buyer need to pay the shipping fee to receive the item back.

"Pleated Skirt Type 1" and "HAKAMA" are FINAL SALE/No Returns/No Refund/No Size Exchanges.

Please contact me first, so we can solve the problem together~


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