08/14/2012 (Tuesday)

Dear Cosaru,

I had such a great time at Otakuthon! As promised here's some photos of me wearing the costume, which by the way got lots of compliments and I'm happy I had a really cool costume to go with my Zabimaru sword ^_^ (I finally succeeded at finished it!).
Everything was perfect, except for the intense heat wave that we had all week-end, (quickly solved with chilly bubbles-teas ^o^). I felt very confident in it, it was really comfy and I really loved it!
Thank you so much for your hard work and I can't 'wait for next year to wear it again :)
Yours truly

- I. L.
07/27/2012 (Friday)

I just received the hats 18,19 and  kanazshi 35, 58. Very very lovely items. Excellent craftsmanship. ^•^ I just adore them. I saw some of your lolita yukata...would love to buy a few in the future if your still designing some more.

- fuyuppe
06/24/2012 (Sunday)

Dear Cosaru,

I’ve received my costume on Friday... I’m so happy!! ^__^ it made my day. The package arrived safely and the costume was in perfect condition, carefully packed and neatly folded, nothing was missing, plus I was pleasantly surprised to find a sweet looking ring gift… It’s-so-cute! Thanks ^o^

I wanted to thank you and tell you that the costume is *PERFECT* OMG I LOVE IT! <3 really nice! The kimonos fits so well (very comfy too), it’s very professionally made (you're very talented!) and I love the fabrics you chose. The hakama is so nice too; the length ended up just right, 36 inches was the right choice. Only problem with the costume is that now I just can’t wait to wear it ^o^  

I’m so relieved that I finally have a Bleach cosplay that actually looks good and is of good quality. I was so desperate to find one that was accurate looking just like in the manga/anime (plus I have no sewing skill at all to make it myself), I didn’t like the ones I saw on Ebay but I thought it’s better than nothing. But then I found your site and had renewed hope when I saw the exact costume that I wanted for so long. Now thanks to you, I’ll look perfect at my convention! :) especially that this year will be the first time I’ll go wearing a full cosplay (I’ll be Renji). The only thing missing is my homemade Zabimaru sword prop that I’m actually working on, and I’ll be all ready hehe.

I’m VERY satisfied having done business with you: great communication, reliable, well organized and punctual, fast shipping, a costume that is exactly as described, and made with high quality! I couldn’t ask for more :)
I promise you that after Otakuthon, which is the first week of August, I’ll send you pictures.

Thank you so much Cosaru!! You’re my cosplay angel! :) No words can describe how happy I am.
Thank you for your time and making me this costume. I wish you good luck with your store; I will surely buy from your store again and I will recommend you to my friends and at the people at Otakuthon!
Many thanks again and wishing you the best <3

- I. L.
05/09/2012 (Wednesday)

Dear Cosaru,

I have received the bleach cosplay costume. Got it yesterday. Haven't worn it yet but everything was in good condition.
Also, Thanks for the cute earrings and the ring, it was a lovely surprise ^_^
I really can't say thank you enough. I will definitely order from you again.
Thank you very much Cosaru.

s. =)
04/25/2012 (Wednesday)

I received your package yesterday. Thank you sooo much :) All of the items are such beautiful... I am going to send you some photos after the con in June :3

- D.N.
02/06/2012 (Monday)

I hope you enjoy the pictures and we didnt dishonor your piece. :)

Thank you so much for selling it to me. It was a great addition and I
refered many people to your site. I hope you have more orders. You do
amazing work. :)

- K.
02/01/2012 (Wednesday)

I got Puchiko today, thank you!

- T.
02/01/2012 (Wednesday)

My order just arrived! Thank you so much! This is very pretty!

- H.
04/26/2010 (Monday)

I never thought that a shipped package could look so beautiful.It came cutely folded w/little candies included.I'm ABSOLUTELY pleased w/the result!It has an adjustable waist and lots of frilly layers.The fabric is great. The picture is 100% accurate!

- C.A.
02/02/2010 (Tuesday)

What a cute costume!
The collar, the apron, the cuffs, ooooh just about everything is so appealing!
I'm not a very "pink" person, but I think this gives the typical "cute maid" a whole new look.
I'm so happy to have found this costume! It'll be my first costume for cosplay as well!  :D

- N.P.
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