12/14/2005 (Wednesday)

Thank you so much!!  We received the costume yesterday and it was perfect!  My daughter is thrilled with it, and so glad she received it in time to wear it to the sweet 16/costume party she ordered it for this Friday.   Thank you for doing such a great job, and for getting it here on time.  

Enjoy the holidays,

12/11/2005 (Sunday)

I love the Bleach outfit, it looks great on me!  couldn't have asked for anything better!  i sent a pic of your work, feel free to show how it looks to everyone who will one day get one as well!

10/26/2005 (Wednesday)

thank u soooooooooooooooooooooooo much 4 my costume!!!!!!! I really LOVE IT!!  my mom said that it came in today and i was soooooooooooooooooooooooo happy! i was counting the days 4 it to come in! and today when it came in i rushed into the bathroom and changed into it! it has a PERFECT fit and all of my friends think its awsome! When we enter the contest i think we will have a GOOD chance of winning with this great costume! well ill send u the pic of me wearing it! k? well see ya and THANK U!!!
PS: my friend is wondering when u will start selling the KIKYO costume
PSS: Be GLAD to do business with u again!
10/20/2005 (Thursday)

I got my costume today!!! Thank you!!!!!!!!!so so so so much!!!!!! I
absolutely adore it!!! I'll send y a a pic of me on halloween kay?! oh
and the candy you sent was really yummy!!!!!!! thaaaaaaaaaaaaank
yoooooooooooou!!!!!!!!!!!!! your the best!!!!!!!!
10/17/2005 (Monday)

I got the costume this afternoon and I adore it! I love everything about it, the fit, the color, and I detail! ^^  so happy *Amanda does a happy dance* <3<3<3 you did a wonderful job! I know you뭨e going to do an even more superior job on my friend Megan뭩 outfit (GL#3) and we뭠l be sending you pictures of us on Halloween! Were going to be the cutest Gothic and Lolita girls ever!!!><

Ps: thanks for the candy! It was good!

Thanks Again,
10/14/2005 (Friday)

Oh I got the costume yesterday! I LOVE YOUUUUUU! Wah its wonderful! ^.^
I was so surprised when I saw the "surprise" ^^ Oh they where lovely!
I've worn them loads allready ^^ I havent eaten the Ichigo yet Im saving
them for later ^^
I'll of course buy from you again as soon as I get more money! Wha URESHI!
(Im attatching some pics but they are quite poor quallity, Ill send
some better ones later ^.^) Thank you again! - Vanessa
10/13/2005 (Thursday)

Thank you so much for the Kagome outfit and the candy too !
Stacy is so happy and we'll try to get a picture out to you soon.  
09/15/2005 (Thursday)

I received the Dejiko hat today!  IT IS SO WONDERFUL!!!  Thank you so much for shipping it to me quickly.  I really REALLY appreciate it.  Thank you for wonderful work.  I'll be sure to do business with you again in the future.  I'll send you pictures when the convention's over.

Thanks again!

09/13/2005 (Tuesday)

Hi! I went to the post office today and actually asked them about it, and they had the package there the whole time since Sept. 2nd!!! I couldn't believe it. But i am so glad to have gotten it finally!

Thank you so much for making such a awesome costume and for having it up on eBay! I will be sure to buy from you again in the near future! You are an awesome seller!!!


08/21/2005 (Sunday)

thank you so much i got the costume when i arrived thurs.  it was a hit. i got alot of comments about it people asked me where i got it and i told cosaru.  thank you so much
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