08/05/2005 (Friday)

Just got my costume today!! (fam. had gone on vacation so wasn't able
to pick it up on the day it came...came 3 days like ya said) Awwws it is
so cute, thanks so much!!
08/05/2005 (Friday)

i got it this morning thank you its perfect. I'm just
waiting for the hakama i ordred and im all set. Hope
to see you at animenext if you do attend, two thumbs
up. d=(^-^)=b
08/05/2005 (Friday)

Guten Tag^^
Hi the costume came yesterday
Thank you so much^^
Ps,I might buy more stuff from you
08/05/2005 (Friday)

Wow I received it today, so quickly.  I'm so glad!!  It fits wonderfully.  I just need to purchase one of those strapless/backless bras and some cute shoes to go with it and then I'll take photos of it.  i will be wearing it to a convention next month as well.  I'm so excited.  It's beautiful.  thank you so much.  I will most likely purchase from you again in the future.  ^_^ I plan on cosplaying EVERY Chii costume (not freya/dark chii).  I have four now so far.  hooray. Thanks.
08/05/2005 (Friday)

I picked up the box on Saturday and was able to open it on Sunday (parents in town this weekend).  Thanks for your hard work!  It looks great!
08/05/2005 (Friday)

I received the outfit today!  It뭩 beautiful and fits perfectly!  Thank you so very much!  Positive feedback will be left!  ^_^
Thanks again!
08/05/2005 (Friday)

I just want to personally thank you for the costume. I recieved it yesterday and it fits perfectly. Anime Central starts on May 13-15. I will send you a picture of me in the Azumanga Daioh Winter outfit. It shows you reall put a lot hard work into your costumes. And the detail is AMAZING! Im going to acen every year so I will definately order from you again. Now as far as taking care of the costume how do I wash it? Do I was it by hand or machine? Do I let it air dry or machine dry? And the material on the blouse how do I iron it? I want to take good care of my outfit = ) You are the best! Keep up the good work! I just wish I would have got my costumes from you sooner

Kim Rounds
08/05/2005 (Friday)

I was just contacting you to again thank you for the wonderfully made outfit. Whether you remember or not I don't know however I do want to thank you again. I wrote you a small thanks on a letter, speaking of my using the costume for Halloween. It went over wonderfully and I receive quite a few comments. I'm also happy to say that the quality was marvelous, as it withstood me playing a hour of Dance Dance Revolution without a single problem. I have wore it twice since and could not be happier. I actually sent this e-mail to let you know I did get some pictures this last time. They aren't that great, as they were taken by my brother, but I would like to send them. Thank you again for the outfit, and your dedication to it. I honestly can't wait to see the First Season Opening Dress, I might need to make another purchase. Anyhow...I uploaded some of the pictures I will include the links at the bottom! Thank you for your time.
08/05/2005 (Friday)

Both costumes fit perfectly now, again thank you so much. I look
forward to doing business with you in the future.
Thank you again,

08/05/2005 (Friday)

Hi Cosaru! ^^
I'm Francesca! You remember me? I have bought from you some times ago a Dejiko costume.
Sorry if I came in a bit delay in reply. I'm very sorry.
I have taken some pics with your costume and I have send you a pic of me wearing that. ^^ Hope you like it and if it's possible, please post it on your customers galleries!
Hope to hear from you again and thanks so much for the wonderfull costume!

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