08/05/2005 (Friday)

Hello Cosaru!!
I got the costume this morning!! Its gorgeous!!!!!! i tried it on and
it fits perfectly!! wahaha im so happy!
Thank you so much! ->i will advertise for you ^-----^
next time when im going to buy a costume i will take a look at your
page! i love your costumes >__<~ you will be busy the next months right? i hope
its  not too much work for you.. so thank you again!!

08/05/2005 (Friday)


Thanks so much for the blood costume! I left you a positive! ^_^
08/05/2005 (Friday)

Hi Cosaru,

received the petticoat today and love it!
Thanks for your quick service!

08/05/2005 (Friday)

I just wanted to let you know that I got my package today and have left you positive feedback, please do the same for me if you haven't already.  I'll be sure to give you credit for the costume in my book with the info you gave me ^_^.

Thanks Again
Kevin ^_^ (cosplayotaku)
08/05/2005 (Friday)

This isn't a question at all, I just wanted to thank you for the battle
royale skirt. I love it so much! Thank you also for the free gift, as
well, it was very nice of you. I appreciate the smooth transaction and
sale, thanks again!
08/05/2005 (Friday)

Greetings Cosaru,

The Dejiko costume came in today and I have to say you did a very great
job on the costume.  I'll make sure to send you a couple pictures of me
in the costume for your site.  Well Sugoi Con is this weekend.  Ah a
con to enjoy though I'm on vacation.  Thanks again.

Take care,

Cedric Smith
+ -
11/14/2004 (Sunday)

I love the Dejiko costume you sent me! It fits perfectly,and it's super cute! I've gotten so many compliments! I will definitely be ordering again! Thank you!

+ -
11/06/2004 (Saturday)

dearest COSARU,

Hello!!! I just recieved the CCS Kitty costume today and I just simply LOVE IT!!!! :D I can never part with it. It's so cute and comfortable, I love spinning in it!! xD I cannot explain my happiness when I saw a box from COSARU sitting in front of my door. :]

This is definatley my favorite costume! I plan to buy all of COSARU's costumes someday. :D I'll be sure to come to you for my cosplay needs!! :]



And thank you for the cute little candy treats! =^^=
10/20/2004 (Wednesday)

The costume arrived this past weekend.  It is adorable I love it!  Thank you so much!  I'll try and send you a picture when I wear it on halloween!  Thanks again!!!!
09/12/2004 (Sunday)

Dear Seller:
I got the costume a couple of days ago and I'm really pleased! It's so
sturdy--- something that can't be said about the work of many online
cosplay commission shops.  (^_^)  I look forward to wearing it at Nekocon
04. Thank you for your hard work!
p.s. Weeeeeee! Thanks so much for the bonus dejiko hat!!
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