09/12/2004 (Sunday)


Just wanted to send a thank you for the gorgeous costume ^^


09/12/2004 (Sunday)

Hi! I think I forgot to tell you that I got my costume. Thanks! It's beautiful!
I love how you got it to puff out and be all stiff and stuff. It fits perfectly. Thanks!
09/12/2004 (Sunday)


I recieved my Dejiko costume about 2 weeks ago :)
Very sorry I've not had time to write...
But the costume is absolutely beautiful!!! I LOVE it!!! So swishy and comfortable, I feel just lke a princess! The hat is wonderful too.
I wear it everyday!!! I may have to buy a new one just for cosplay :)

Again, thank you so much!!! I shall send pictures soon!
09/12/2004 (Sunday)

Hello Cosaru,

I got the Dejiko costume a while back and it's simply wonderful! I added on
a set of my own bells since then and the costume looks absolutely perfect!
I shall get pictures of it eventually...o.O, eventually being the key
09/12/2004 (Sunday)

YAY! I got the Puchiko costume today! I LOVE it!! I look so kawaii and it fits well :D I'd send a pic of me in it in this very email, but I can't find my digital camera right now, GRR! Well once I find it, I'll take a pic and send it ASAP ^.^

I thought maybe the $70 was gonna end up being a waste, but I think it was totally worth it! :3 Thanki for the hard work you put in it. Your services are very friendly and your costumes rock ^_^. If I go to another con, I'll be sure to come to you for my costume needs =).

Your satisfied customer
09/12/2004 (Sunday)

Wow! tht was toooooooooo fast!
I got my stuff in today! Yay!- They are all Big!
The Woarmers a to big though, But I will fix that^^
they are all so cute! And fast scervice! I am going to send you a pic of my full costume w/ the assecories this weekned,
My other half of the costume is at my moms home! Thanks so much again..
There needs to be more people like you I swar!
-thanks and pleasure
09/12/2004 (Sunday)

hello again cosaru!
how do you be? hopefully well. the petticoat came to today and it looks great! i cant wait to see what your new costume creations will be! i will
perchase more of your costumes, when i save some more.( college text book really limit my cosplay funds ;_;*sniff) anywho,thanks for the stickers!
they are too cute! have a super day!
09/12/2004 (Sunday)

I just want to thank you for the beautiful Battle Royale skirt.  WOW!
*_* I love it.

Kind regards,

- V.
09/12/2004 (Sunday)

the dress is absoluetly BEAUTIFUL!!! i love it! it's a perfect fit!
you are the most talented seamstress! and your so nice to! i have ordered cosplay stuff before from other people  and not only did they rip me off, they were so rude too. but you are so nice and dependable!!! and thank you so much for
the cute hair ties! i love them! you are the best! when you come out with more costumes expect to hear from me again! i totally love your costumes!!!
thank you so much!!!
09/12/2004 (Sunday)

How'd you know I like hello kitty! XD  I love the top
it's so awsome!  The handywork is way better than my quality stiching.... <_<0 >_>0
In fact it is even better than most clothing in stores now adays. And I'm so happy you threw in the Azumanga daioh sign!
I wanted to ask for it but I knew it would be rude
asking for extra when I was already recieving an item on sale. :) After I start working again I'm going to order a To Heart top. Yay!

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