09/12/2004 (Sunday)

Oh my gosh, I got it today and the Hello Kitty ring was adorable! But I tried it on and it fits like a dream and it's sooooooooooooo adorable!!
I was squeeing all over the place! I'll send in pictures as soon as I can wear it and have a friend get some! It really is so adorable! Thank you so much!
09/12/2004 (Sunday)

it's SOOOOO beautifu! i love it! thank you so much! it fits so perfectly! im going to order the dijiko costume as soon as i save enough money! thank you again!
i'll even send photos of me in the costume soon...
09/12/2004 (Sunday)

I just got the Sakura Costume you sent me it is so cute ^.^ Thanks a lot I love it.
09/12/2004 (Sunday)

hi hi!! i got the costumes today and they fit perfect and are so beautiful!!
thank you so much for letting me purchase them! you can tell you worked very hard on them they are so awesome! thank you again!
sarah <3
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