06/29/2009 (Monday)

I absolutly love your products. I am in love with the gothic lolita hat that I got -and I might be buying more in the future- and the plain bloomers are absolutly adoreble. You'll have my repeat business for sure! And those candies are the best :p

- J.H.
06/14/2009 (Sunday)


First of all, I would like to thank you for the picture you sent me and for the great communication, I really appreciate.

So, I received my package two days ago but I haven't enough time to open it before today and I must say it's absolutely magnificent. I took like, two hundred
Thank you very much for the gifts, I didn't expect one so I was surprises and find it very sweet. The kitty ears are cute and I haven't taste the candies yet,
but I'll enjoy them, my first japanese ones, hope they taste good.

I haven't unpacked the leg wear completely but they look good from what i've seen (a nice pure white color) and I'm sure they're as astonishing as they look on
the picture, and even more. I'll unpack them when I find someone to try them on.

The Kimono hair ornament are resplandant, very colorful and super cute. I love them, plus that was the first time I saw ones and they're wonderful. I'll buy more of these
when I'll see some more I like. It makes really great hair ornament, even with normal clothes.

And the lolita dress is just gorgeous. I do love the blue / turquoise colors which are really really nice. I love the light blue which is realy soothing and fits very well with the turquoise.
All the laces are nice, and I am a huge fan of the headband and all the little bells, it's just too cute. This all set is a real pleasure to look at and even the kind of sequined-gold "Cosaru" tag is pretty.
I was surprised by the pom-pom on the front of the obi, I must have overlooked the picture on the site. Anyway I find them funny and cute, it's too bad the obi is not more extansible. Well I didn't
force either, didn't want to damage it. However, the velcro closure is a nice touch, as the clips to attach the ribbon on the back. I found it was clever. (Just notice it was written on the site, overlooked that too :p)

The dress was a lot more thiner than I expected, compared to most of lolita's dresses I own, so I guess I'll buy a petticoat to go with the skirt to make it look better when wearing it. On the good
side, I think it will make the perfect outfit for summer with its unusual colors and lightness.
I do love all of my outfits but I think this one may well be my favorite so far, especially because of the colors. I know I said it several times, but I do love the mixture you used.

I had to wait several weeks to have my birthday present, but it was totally worth it and I'm not disappointed a bit, it's the exact opposit actually.
I'll make sure to send you some photographies once I'll find someone to try the outfit on, even if it may take some time.
I hope you'll make more great outfits like this one and I'd be pleased doing business with you again in the future.

Best of luck in your future endeavours.


05/26/2009 (Tuesday)

I just got my Puchiko costume and petticoat in the mail today, and It was just WONDERFUL! Everything fits well and is made very well. I couldn't have asked for more! I'm VERY HAPPY with this purchase! Thank you for also sending so many cute things as gifts! The ears are TOO CUTE! I will send pics ^^

- M.S.
05/19/2009 (Tuesday)

I just received my cosplay and am very pleased with it. Thank You very much!

- D.E.
04/20/2009 (Monday)

I received my Gothic/Lolita dress yesterday and I love it! It fits me
perfectly and it was made so beautifully.
Thank you for the free gifts, I was surprised when I opened the package to
find some extra stuff.
I will definitely order from you again.

04/01/2009 (Wednesday)

Hello, I just wanted to say I received my Seifuku. I'm really impressed by the quality and it was made exactly according to my specifications.
Also, I got it earlier than I thought, it came just in time for my Bday !
It was a pleasure doing business with u, I will definitly be back for more.

-L. A.
03/25/2009 (Wednesday)


I got my costume today and I must say it is great I love it and so does everyone in my family. You did a wonderful job on it and very quickly too and ahead of when I thought I would get it. Thank you so much for the gifts as well. I love the cat ears they are so cool. The earrings are nice I like the purple beads you used; I really really loved the cell phone charm it is so cute. Also thanks for the candy lol. I will be sure to tell all my friends about your site and I will be sure to order from you again.

02/10/2009 (Tuesday)

I recieved my order today. Thank you. And thank you for the free gift. I will be recommending your site to many of my friends :)

01/29/2009 (Thursday)

Great costume it was much better than i expected and thanks for the free gifts as well they were a welcome surpirse.

11/02/2008 (Sunday)

I meant to e-mail you earlier but I had a busy last couple of days  and now I'm sick.... however, besides all that, I loved the costume you made.  It was absolutely beautiful and made very well.  You'll be hearing from me soon.

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