09/11/2008 (Thursday)

He received the skirt is very beautiful and your work is very special and detailed.
Very nice battle royal Skirt!
I was very happy with their work.

09/05/2008 (Friday)

As always, thank you for the quick reply and invoice. Im so thrilled. Honestly I was shocked the Halloween Series -1- had not sold yet 0_o I was contemplating for DAYS "Should I buy it? Should I wait?" Those Top Hats definitely sold me. So amazing.
Consider me a loyal customer. I would not and will not buy from anyone else. Thank you, you'll hear from me again, for sure!

08/23/2008 (Saturday)

Hi Cosaru!
I got the dress the other day. The dress is absolutely cute and the quality's amazing. I can't wait to wear it at my next con! I'll send pictures when I can. You'll definitely hear from me again. =]

Thanks a lot!
03/16/2008 (Sunday)

Hi there!

Just wanted to say thanks, I got my order Friday. I havent had the time to try it on yet, but I can't wait to send you pictures from Anime North this year =) hope your weekend was well! thanks again,

Kyouryoku Chan =^.^=
03/14/2008 (Friday)

Thank you so much, you did a wonderful job!!
  I'm sure you'll be hearing from me again in the future! ^___^
  - Jennie
01/01/2008 (Tuesday)

I got the costume today and I'm in complete awe of the quality. Everything fits perfectly, though it takes a bit more effort to get the top on properly with all of the ribbon lace ups in the back, but it's okay. XP Should of expected that with all the ribbon on it. XD;

Anywho~ I'll definitely take pics of this costume at the next con that I go to and send 'em to ya! It was a pleasure doing business with you, as you were very friendly and helpful to answer any questions that I had and I liked how you also replied back rather quickly. I'm uber, uber~~~ glad that my first cosplay commission came out as well as it did and I'd be more than happy to do business with you in the future! ^^
- Janice
12/21/2007 (Friday)

you have such a fine eye for detail and your quality has blown the pants off of me! i love it and i will be ording from you many times over in the future. you are amazing i will send you pics soon!
12/02/2007 (Sunday)

Just got it today, and the perfect day to get it as well. Thanks a lot! You really are a great crafter, I tell you. Looking forward to more business with you. I wrote a review about you on's commissioner thread, and for this, I will again. (Also, the strawberry gummies are awesome. Had one at a con before....out of this world. Thanks for those as well.:))
11/28/2007 (Wednesday)

Hi there!
    I just wanted to let you know that I just got my collars and maps today and they are even better than the pictures! Thanks a lot! :) Also, Thank you very much for the little candy gifts inside! I gave one to my little brother and I myself ate one too! they were delicious! Thanks! If you ever need positive feedback let me know! I will tell everyone what a great seller you are! thanks again!
P.S. I will send you some pics in January from the convention that my friends and I are all going to as the Battle Royale Group!Thanks!
11/27/2007 (Tuesday)

The ears are perfect! The dress fits great and it's very beautiful. Thank you! I'll be sure to shop at your website for my next birthday <3 <3 <3 <3
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