10/28/2007 (Sunday)

FYI, the ears came and they were fantastic! Thanks.

10/17/2007 (Wednesday)

I just wanted to let you know that I received the Captain coat. That was extremely fast, and it looks "Awsome". Excellent work, and I appreciate you working this out with me. Although it's not the captain I wanted, it's still cool, because it's still a captain from Bleach. hhehehe.

Thanks again, and I look forward to having you make me more costume.

09/20/2007 (Thursday)

OMG THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You're a total life saver! The costume was amazing and it fit perfectly! I was really surprised at the detail of it, its nothing like any other costume i've bought. Totally worth the money! I'll most deff buy from you again!

Thanks so much! =^.^=

09/18/2007 (Tuesday)


Thank you sooooo much! I'm definitely going to order more stuff when I get the
money! If only you did custom orders, then I'd be in debt for a couple of years! XD

Thank you again, it's incredibly lovely!
09/17/2007 (Monday)

I LOVE my costume! I would like free shipping on my next because I KNOW I will be getting more from you. Keep up the good work, and I will recommend you some business every now and then, I can not recommend you enough. A+!
09/16/2007 (Sunday)

Hello!  I received the Battle Royale costume right on time!  It is in perfect condition.  It took a while to email you back because I wanted to be able to send a couple pictures, too.  I love it!  The uniform fits well, and you were wonderful in emailing me back.  I'd love to order from you again.  Thank you!
09/03/2007 (Monday)

Hello Cosaru!

Thank you so much for my Fruits Basket uniform! It was comfortable, gorgeous, and very easy to move around in. And I absolutely loved the fabric color~ even my mommy wanted to try it on.
The only downside was that the stuffiness of the convention floor which made me wish I had purchased a summer version instead of the winter one.
Mmm... oh well!

Sorry that I do not have any pictures to send, but my mother forgot her camera and the ones I managed to find on the internet were not very good, so next time my friends come over we will do a fun photoshoot or something. I will be participating in a Fruits Basket cosplay group next year and so maybe I will have pictures then, too. ^^

Thank you so much!!
08/12/2007 (Sunday)

Konnichiwa! Great Job on the Kikyou Cosplay!

Hi there!

I'd like to comment on the Kikyou cosplay. It was wonderful! You did a GREAT job on it! My best friend and I were overwhelmed with the comments on the cosplays and the picture taking! I was REALLY surprised when some asked to take pictures to put on their websites! I was overly excited. I'm dressing up at Kikyou again next year, but I plan on being Kagome and Ayame also. Three days; three different cosplays yet all in the same series! My best friend is doing the same. She's going to be InuYasha again and Kouga. She hasn't chosen her third yet. =3 Or even, just InuYasha and Kouga is fine! So, now I'm looking for Kouga and Ayame cosplays. I might come back to order another Kikyou cosplay because I plan on gaining a bit of weight, going to the doctors and stuff like that. ~.^ So I'm defiantly coming back to you! I'm guessing this would be the best place to send the picture, so here they are!

Hopefully I didn't send too many pictures >_<; If you need them in files, I can send them in files =D! THANK AGAIN!

-Olivia AKA Kiya-
08/11/2007 (Saturday)

I love the site. very cute and adorable. the costumes are very pretty and look well worth the price.

08/07/2007 (Tuesday)

It Came a Little late (one day) but it's just a second to see The outfit! It looks absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I will take pictures this weekend and More once I complete the outfit (a Necklace I ordered and proper Doll shoes)

Love <3
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