07/31/2007 (Tuesday)

I have just recieved my order (It actually arrived weeks ago but I had to
pick it up from my parents house - I live in Wales where they are REALLY
strict about customs charges!) and it's absolutely wonderful! Beautifully
made, perfect straight stitches, and actual *puffy* puffy sleeves! REALLY
impressed!! Doesn't even need pressing!

I shall hopefully be able to send you some photos soon for your website (my
mum's a professional photographer so hopefully she can do the costumes the
justice they deserve - not sure about me though ^^;;; ).

Thank you so so so much, I will no doubt order something from you again and
be singing your praises at the next convention here!

Laura D
07/30/2007 (Monday)

Cosaru, look at what your beautiful handiwork did for me!!! My first cosplay was a lot of fun, and got a lot of compliments, and it's all thanks to you!!! I hope we cross paths again for next year's con, only problem is...I need to figure out who to cosplay as!!!! *wails in dispair* Anyway, I really want to thank you for hard work, I'm eternally grateful.

<3 Chelsea
07/27/2007 (Friday)

Hey there!! I just wanted to tell you that I am back from Otakon, and
my Yuna X-2 costume was a huge hit!!! I really want to thank you, and tell you
that I will send the pictures when my friends send them to me!!!

Thanks again SOOOOOOOOO much!!!

06/29/2007 (Friday)

Sorry it took  me so long to reply, but I want to let you know that I got it and the costume is GREAT! Thank you so much!

- Sarah
06/16/2007 (Saturday)

Hello again!!! ^____^ I actually just got it today!!!
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
It fits perfectly, and I love the quality of the top
uniform. I haven't gotten the news to my friend as of
yet, but until the convention, we'll surely have some
images of it fitted on sent to ya' if you'd like^^
Again, my deepest gratitude and thanks!!!!!
Hehe, it arrived sooner than I thought :3 Cosaru
ROX!!! x3x
Until then...
05/29/2007 (Tuesday)

Hello there! I got my costume a week before hand and it is simply gorgeous ^^ Anime North was this past weekend, May 25-27th and my costume was a hit just as it my costume last year was. I had someone ask me for a picture, I was sitting on the front lawns of the con and I got up to have it taken, she told me I didn't have to but then she commented that she was glad I did because sitting gave the outfit no justice to what it looked like in full. Thanks again, I'll be more then happy to order from you again for next year =)

P.S. I am using the petticoat I bought from you last year ^^

05/24/2007 (Thursday)

Hello! I got the Bleach captain's coat today and was just amazed at it! The little tags inside were just so cute. Thank you so much! ^_^  

05/08/2007 (Tuesday)

Thank you so much for the costume! I absolutely love it!
It fits perfectly and I love the detail! I will definitely keep on ordering from! I will be wearing it at AnimeExpo07. Thank you for the keychain and the candy too!

Lauren M.
04/26/2007 (Thursday)

I got my costume today and I'm extremely pleased! It took such a short time to make and ship and the quality is amazing. You can expect more business from me next year!
If anyone asks about my costume, I'll refer them to!

Any thanks for the candy and Sango key chain, she's adorible! ^^

04/14/2007 (Saturday)

I just received the item that I ordered today ("A Pair of White Wings") in the mail, and I want to personally thank the team behind the website and the products.  I absolutely love it (not to mention the little candy is so delicious), and I want to say that I really appreciate your making this experience easy on me.  I've dealt with other dealers and commissioners that have left a less-than-savory taste in my mouth, so having such a speedy and wonderful delivery is really a delight to me!  Truly, thank you.  Count on business from me in the future, as well as me blabbing to every Tom, Dick and Harry about you guys.  YOU ARE AWESOME!

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