04/05/2007 (Thursday)

I뭭e only bought two costumes from you , but I loved them ! Recently I bout 3 costumes from another cos-play site , I was very disappointed with them. Their costumes lacked quality , and they did not meet the shipping date they promised. So when it comes to cos-play costumes , you뭨e the only one I뭢 gonna buy from !! Your costumes look great and are at a reasonable price. Your doing a great job so keep up the good work !
03/13/2007 (Tuesday)


I got the dress and just wanted to say thank you very much! It turned out
beautifully, you did a wonderful job!! I'll be sending pictures when I go to
the convention to show it off.

Thank you once again!!!!!!
02/24/2007 (Saturday)

I got it and it looks so lovely!! It fits great! ^_^ I will be sending photos soon!
02/19/2007 (Monday)


I got the costume yesterday and I love it! The quality is great and it fits perfectly! Thanks!!!
01/30/2007 (Tuesday)

I don't remember if I told you that I received it, so I'm telling you now-

Got the dress, thanks!

01/19/2007 (Friday)

I recieved my costume today.  Everything looks and fits great!

Thank you so much.

12/08/2006 (Friday)

Hi there!

I know I bought this costume in March but I thought you'd like a photo and to know how much I enjoyed cosplaying in it. Amanada and I wore out costumes (her in Puchiko on me in Dejiko) to Auchinawa at the weekend there and there were a TV crew showing the program VideoGaiden. So we manage to get on TV because of those costumes
This is the link and It's video 5 it's 17 mins and about 20 seconds in. Thought you might like to see it!
We put the costumes through the Masqu and we did tell people they were made and where we got them so when we were told we tied with the "Cute" Award we were really chuffed. Although they didn't give out prizies which was a pitty but was still fun!

Thanks alot!! ^_^

~ Lisa

See Lisa and Amanada's Di Gi Charat Copslay Pics
11/27/2006 (Monday)

Costume arrived today and it is fantastic!!

Thank you so much, I can't wait to wear it to conventions! ^_^

10/29/2006 (Sunday)

Thank you very much for the costume! I recived it on time, and it is very well made. The only problem I had was that the top of my DNAngel uniform was kind of big, but I can fix those minor adjustments.

10/29/2006 (Sunday)


i just wanted to let you know that my costume i got from you was a
big hit last night!!! even strangers were taking pictures of me in a
club, on the street, etc.

thanks again! and congrats!

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