10/28/2006 (Saturday)

I have receive my order, and it was wonderful. I really like it and i cant wait to wear it on tuesday. Thank you so much.
10/26/2006 (Thursday)

I wanted to let you know that I received the costume.
I am so pleased! It's so beautifully made. Excellent
work. I can't wait for Halloween!

Thank you so very much!

10/15/2006 (Sunday)

Thank you so much for sending the stuff quickly and efficiently. It was totall sweet of you to add the extra Starburst with your business card. And the Battle Royale stuff is awesome! You have a great attention to detail.

- Isis
10/07/2006 (Saturday)

Hi I just wanted to submit a few photos of the Atashi from Chobits hat & star that I recently purchased from your site. I wore them to Animagic 2006 which was held in Lancaster, CA. I was so impressed by the quality and the speedy delivery of the product. So many people at the convention told me that my costume was the cutest, most adorable thing that had ever seen! (^_^)V Thanks for making this convention a memorable one <3 <3 <3.


09/29/2006 (Friday)

Thank you so very much for the wonderful costume you have made.
Battle Royale is one of my favourite film and I really look the part now.
I look forward to purchasing my next costume from you very soon.
09/15/2006 (Friday)

hii!!! i received the costume i really lyke it!!! since lyke kimono r very expensive hahahaha thank you thank you u r very good w/ the fabric too it looks real not cosplay hahahaha
08/12/2006 (Saturday)

Hey, I just got my costume today, and I love it! It looks awesome, and fits wonderfully. Heck even my parents liked it! Keep up the great work, and I'm definitely going to tell my friends about your site.

08/07/2006 (Monday)

I have recived the pakage and I LOVE the costume! I love it so much and I will send you pictures as soon as I can! I will definately order from you again.
08/02/2006 (Wednesday)

Thank you so much again! I went to show a friend of mine the homepage, and
when I saw my version of the outfit on the frontpage, my heart did a
backflip ^0^. I really can't wait for it to come in now because it looks
07/18/2006 (Tuesday)

thank you so much for the ccs cos-play outfit. It's very nice. I got it
yesterday. My parents like it too. :) Thank you sooooo much! I hope I
can learn to make cos-play outfits as well as you. thank you agian.

                 -Jessica B.
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