07/06/2006 (Thursday)

Hi Cosaru,

Just to let you know that my daughters got LOTS of attention
in your costumes!  They had SO MANY people ask to take
their photos!  They gave out your cards, as well as putting
them on one of the information tables, where people had
other flyers out.  I hope you will get more business!

I'm not good with digital photos, so I will have my daughter
e-mail you a photo for your website.

06/22/2006 (Thursday)

i am really sorry to bother because i know you might be busy
making costumes and other stuff.. this is not really a question. This
simply amazing. i just wanted to let you know. How did you learn to make
costumes? your very talented. Keep making costumes in the future! Your
one of the best anime semstresses i have ever seen. Never quit doing
this. Your making alot of people happy. I am one of them ^_^ Well thanks,
for making this website and selling your costumes to anime fans all
over.. you do your costumes with such detail..its incredible. I will
definently keep buying costumes from you. Thanks again,

just wanted to let you know..
..:: AnImE fAn::..
06/20/2006 (Tuesday)

thank you thankyou thank you !!!! i love it soooo much it's
sooooooooooooooooooo pretty !!!!!  * rubs on scarf * so preety !!! thankyou !!!  i
sent another money order yesterday !!! this time it's for my sister ,
she wants the ccs school summer uniform !!! i also wrote what she wants
with the money order !!! yippeeee i'm so happy !!!!  thankyou so much
!! and the candy was tasty too !!! i love strawberry !!! thankyou so
much ! me and my friends are going to a festival in april , and they wanna
cos-play  too ! i totally recommended your store !!! cause the outfits
look great and the prices are affordable !!!! thank you so very much !!
keep up the good work and please forgive my terriable spelling and
grammer problems !! heh heh thanks once again !!!!

                           ~ felicia :3
06/18/2006 (Sunday)

Dear Cosaru,

Thank you SO MUCH for the two costumes that you made.
We have received both orders.  My older daughter has tried
her costume on, and she is SO HAPPY with it!  She looks
very cute.  Your quality of workmanship is very high--the
costumes are detailed and made very well.  My younger
daughter will see her costume tonight, and I know she will
also be very happy.  

I hope you receive satisfaction in knowing that you have
two more smiling customers!
06/13/2006 (Tuesday)

I rcv'd my outfit friday afternoon but i wasn't home so i had to get it
today, which is monday!!! and i LOVE IT!!!

Tried it on and fell in's perfect.. in everything.. awesome

Can't wait for the Convention!!! Until then

Ja  ne!!! *waves*
06/09/2006 (Friday)

Hello, i would just like to say the parcel arrived on the 8th june  in
perfect condition!
The costume fits perfectly and is really excellently made! well done!

O and thanks for the sweeties ;)

Ill send some photos when i get back from the convention to show your
work to others! :D
Thank you ever so much! i look forward buying from you again :D


06/06/2006 (Tuesday)

I got the outfit today, it is AWESOME. It fits perfectly and the candy is soo nice, thankyou SO much. See you at Anime Next!
06/04/2006 (Sunday)

Thank you! i have recived my order on thursday june 1,
im very sorry for the late response! the costume is
perfect! very good quality! and thank you very much
for the candy! ^^
06/02/2006 (Friday)

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO beautiful! Awesome AWESOME work. Love it XD
05/29/2006 (Monday)

I only managed to find one picture of me standing up! so I apologise for having someone else in the picture. I just wanted to thank you for the awsome job you did, you'll be happy to know that I was stopped several times during the two days that I attended Anime North for hundreds of pictures and I also happened to get many many compliments ^.^ I am really happy with your work and will definatly buy from you again. If you're looking for more pictures I'm more then happy to give you more! thanks again

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