05/19/2006 (Friday)

I have recieved the package...looks great!

thankyou once again!

and also the candy! ^@^
05/14/2006 (Sunday)


Thank you, I received the costume (Piyoko) a bit ago, sorry for my late notice. ^^; It's wonderful, I can't wait to wear it! Thank you so much!

- Nicole
05/02/2006 (Tuesday)

Hi! Just wanted to let you know that the costume arrived today and it looked fantastique! Bit big and kinda hard to put on the hakama but i'll manage ^^. Thanks again and keep up the awesome work!

04/17/2006 (Monday)


Just to say that I've received my Dejiko costume!! I'm extreaaaaaaaaaaaaaamly happy with it!! I was bounding around my house with it on, cured my stress from work, although it scared the parents! I have no images of me wearing it outside yet, I mightnot get a image outside until Aug. Gloves fit snuggley too! So now I'm on the hunt for huuuge gingly bells then all will be well.


~ Lisa

P.S. Thanks for the sweets! Well I'm hoping they are sweets... I dont want to open them!! XD
04/07/2006 (Friday)

The costume is awsome i love it. it fits perfectly i love it so much. if i need a costume for anything i'll come to you guys forever. i see you guys have more new costumes and it looks awsome and i would get one of them again but dang i'm broke. but anyways i love the costume and it is awsome but i'm kinda having trouble putting on the white piece to the gothic and lolita red dress i don't know what to do if i should tie the strings or what. but i'll try to figure it out.. but thank you so much again it's really great and thankyou for baring with me on the money stuff and getting my measurments on time but thanks your the best.

- Reanne B ^_^
03/22/2006 (Wednesday)

Thank you so much, she just loves her outfit!!!  We will send pictures after the convention.
03/01/2006 (Wednesday)

Ohmigosh ohmigosh ohmigosh!! I'm so sorry!!!! I hadn't been on in forever! I didn't get the e-mail about the size thing I'm soooo sorry... bu the good news is it fits! ^_^ just got it today and I'm so excited!!!! the'yre both so awsome!! in fact my sister liked them so much shewants one! so if it's okay I'll be ordering again! ^_^ you're the best! I love them soooo much! I'll have to send a pic... or somethin' Thanks again!
02/22/2006 (Wednesday)


the costume arrived today and it's just beautiful. thank you so much !!
02/08/2006 (Wednesday)

Hello!! ^^

I'm a bit excited here. Because I just got my outfits that you shipped to me. And they are perfect. Thank you soooo much!!!!!...
01/01/2006 (Sunday)

Thank you very much, the costume looks great!

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