07/27/2012 (Friday)

Pre-Made Tsumami-Kanzashi
Kimono Hair Ornament
07/24/2012 (Tuesday)

Survey for 10th Anniversary Event Prizes
Cosaru is curious to know which event prize you'll be interested in the most. There will be the 10th Anneversary special event coming this winter. More details will be announced later.

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06/23/2012 (Saturday)

AnimeNEXT 2012 Photos

Saturday photos are up!
And that's all I've done for this year's AnimeNEXT.
Thank you for all cosplayers!

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06/17/2012 (Sunday)

AnimeNEXT 2012 Photos

Friday photos are all done.
I'll be working on Saturday's photos on next weekends.

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06/16/2012 (Saturday)

AnimeNEXT 2012 Photos

I'm still working on Friday's photos.
Here's a first few pics I've done.

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