05/08/2013 (Wednesday)

Pre-Made/Used Bodyline Pink Strawberry Yukata Dress Set w. Mini Top Hat $99.95
* SOLD * 5/9/2013
05/05/2013 (Sunday)

1 PreMade costume is up for sale!
Di Gi Charat PUCHIKO Costume Set
Available at Cosaru's Etsy Store!
04/30/2013 (Tuesday)

Other than main website, there are more social media pages that can connect you & Cosaru.

Here are the top 3 pages I do more postings recently.
1. Facebook You can also send me a Facebook message to get a faster reply.
2. Blog
3. Tumblr

Photo Gallery & Flickr New photos will be up whenever I go to events, conventions, and photoshoots.

Twitter It's connected to my Facebook page. So all my facebook postings will appear on my Twitter.

And these are the pages I almost abandoned, but may visit once in a while for update:, Cure, Youtube
04/21/2013 (Sunday)

{ Order-Made Costumes }
Gothic & Lolita Kimono No.01-Bow
Custom Colors in RED, PINK & LILAC
More colors are available for order!
04/14/2013 (Sunday) facebook page 111 LIKES EVENT
ALL PRE-MADE COSTUMES are sold $100 including FREE USPS domestic Priority Mail Shipping! Submit an order form & enter the coupon code FB111 to receive the discount.
* 3 New Pre-Made Costumes
* 3 Sale Pre-Made Costumes
* Submit Your Order Form Here
* Coupon Code Valid April 15th ~ April 30th, 2013
* International Orders will get 50% OFF on Express Mail Shipping Fee.
* PayPal Transaction Fee still applies to your total.
* Coupon applies to PRE-MADE costumes, not ORDER-MADE costumes.
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