04/09/2013 (Tuesday)

Facebook 111 LIKES Event
Right now, facebook page has reached with 99 likes. To return my thanks to the fans, will have a special event when the page hits 111 LIKES. All pre-made costumes price will drop to $100. And that'll include FREE US domestic shipping. So please feel free to share and spread words to your friends. 12 more likes to go until the event starts. ^_^
*Event rules and details will be posted at the Official Facebook page.
04/08/2013 (Monday)

Cosaru was at CPAC 2013 last Sunday.
Check out my extremely short review about this convention at Cosaru BLOG
03/17/2013 (Sunday)

SpringFestNY 2013 photos are up

* Photos
* Con report at Blog
02/17/2013 (Sunday)

1 Showcase costume is on sale!
Black & Hot Pink Yukata Dress Set
02/10/2013 (Sunday)

2 Costumes worn at the photo shoots are now available for sale.
* BLOOD-C Kisaragi Saya School Uniform Set
* Di Gi Charat DEJIKO Full Set
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