08/30/2004 (Monday)

Cosaru ebay Selling Item.

1. USED Digi Charat Dejiko Full Set Include Petticoat sold
2. Display Version Card Captor Sakura Summer School Uniform Set sold
3. Display Version Card Captor Sakura Winter School Uniform Set sold
4. Display Version Azumanga Daioh Summer School Uniform Set sold
08/30/2004 (Monday)

New page! HISTORY
You can see what costumes Cosaru has sold.
08/26/2004 (Thursday)

Cosaru ebay selling items
As you see the top of this page, there is a "ebay" link.
It opens a new window of Cosaru ebay selling list.
I sometimes post some of my samples or used costumes on ebay coz I cosplay,too.(once a year....-_-)
and I have made sample costumes like school uniform tops which don't have 7" front zip closure.
Currently, my selling list is empty,
but I'll post Used Digi Charat Dejiko Full Set(Include Petticoat)
and other samples of school uniform tops for LOWER PRICE!
I'll tell you later when these items are ready at my ebay list. ^^
08/23/2004 (Monday)

New Contents are uploaded!

>Anime Convention Gallery - Conventions which Cosaru had visited and taken pictures
>Customers' Photo Gallery - You can upload your own pictures wearing Cosaru Costumes
>Anime Image Download Gallery - Useful images to help your cosplay

>Check out Cosaru's ebay Selling Item.
  Sells photo display version or sample costumes for discounted price.
08/23/2004 (Monday)

Cosaru's HOT selling item Digi Charat Dejiko!
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