paypal’s shopping cart buttons added!

In order to make your shopping at a little bit easier, I’ve added PayPal‘s shopping cart buttons.
Now you can pay online thru PayPal‘s secure payment service, and buy pre-made items instantly without filling out an order form at website.

PayPal accepts all 4 major credit cards: American Express, Master, Visa & Discover.
(creating PayPal account is not required, but optional)

If you already have a PayPal account, you may login with your id and password.
Then, proceed a payment by credit cards, bank transfer, PayPal eCheck or PayPal balance transfer.
Please note that I’ll ship your order to your PayPal’s registered shipping address.
If you want me to ship to another address, you must change/edit a shipping address before sending payment.

A flat-rate shipping fee is applied with these PayPal shopping buttons, but you know you’ll never overpay for your shipping fee. If the actual postage comes out less than you paid, the difference (if it’s more than $1.00) will be refunded immediately thru PayPal.

Currently, the instant shopping buttons are available only for pre-made tsumami-kanzashi items.

You can still use an order form at website to order both pre-made and order-made items. Filling out an online order form will give you an extra payment option of paying by Money Order or Cashier’s Check (for US customers only)

▼ A screen shot of where the PayPal’s shopping buttons are located.