BBG calling out for cosplayers.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is doing their 5th annual Cosplay Fashion Show on Sunday’s Sakura Matsuri (April 26-27th)

The online application is now up and due by April 4th. This is non-competitive event so you just hit the runway to show off your costume and have fun with audience and camera.

I participated last year and it was fun and left me great memory~ check out the BBG’s show rule and you should enter, too!

BRS & Sakura Miku

(Left) Deadmaster from Black Rock Shooter
(Right) Hatsune Miku from Project Diva 2nd Opening

I already made her claws out of foam sheet, and her black dress. Now I need to paint a plastic skull to black.
I loved the ProDiva uniform so much that I made a second one in burgundy to match “Sakura Miku” color. (Original oufit is in navy)
Both costumes are made for a shoot, so they’ll be sold after the shoot ends. *^_^*
Costumes made by