SaGa Frontier Costumes & Video

The Fan’s P.O.V. was filming all the contestants from WCS US final 2016. My team video is now up at YouTube!
Love the first part of the clip (0:36) when the judges were all over our costumes and seriously examining every piece inside out. ^_^
Thank you, The Fan’s P.O.V. for shooting and editing this amazing/fun/memorable video! He even added all the links to Cosaru social media sites at the ending! So sweet~

• Video – The Fan’s P.O.V. | YouTube Channel (Feat. Uncle Yo for opening comment)
• Characters from SaGa Frontier (Video Game by Square for PlayStation)
• Asellus – Dokudel
• Princess White Rose – Cosaru
• Costumes made by Dokudel + Cosaru
• Team DokuCosa at World Cosplay Summit Preliminaries – United States 2016 – Entry #2 at 
AnimeNEXT 2016