BBG Parasol Society – Sakura Mastsuri Lolita Fashion Show

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The best moment of my Spring was to stand with cute Lolita girls under Sakura Trees.
I found a couple of online articles covering BBG Parasol Society (The Lolita Fashion Show at Brooklyn Botanic Garden‘s Sakura Matsuri 2015)

Online Article – BBG Sakura Matsuri 2015 Press Preview


“The cosplay scene at the Sakura Matsuri festival gains in popularity every year and brings out professional and amateur cosplayers with spectacular home made costumes.” – See The Full Article from

Echo Chronum Cosplay was sweet to find and share this online article for the press preview event we had on this Tuesday.

“…amateur cosplayers with spectacular home made costumes.”

My “home made costumes” were mistakenly noticed as a Pikachu by a reporter. And this is totally understandable since the manga Di Gi Charat came out in 1998. No matter what, we had fun posing in front of visitors and cameras.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden Sakura Matsuri 2015
Satruday, April 25th 4:15~4:45pm ♦ BBG Parasol Society (Lolita Fashion Show)
Sunday, April 26th 5:15~6:00pm ♦ Cosplay Fashion Show

BBG Sakura Matsuri 2015 – Press Preview



I was at Brooklyn Botanic Garden today for the press preview of Cosplay Fashion Show & Parasol Society.
Sakura trees near the main stage, Cherry Esplanade, were not fully bloomed yet, but other parts of the garden got the all pink trees!

This year will be my third time of participating in the Cosplay Fashion Show, and the first time for Parasol Society. (the Lolita Fashion Show) And the big change for this year has been announced by the BBG Staffs! The white tent at Cherry Esplanade will be replaced to a clear tent which will bring natural day light shooting directly from above, and as a result, photos will come out much better with good lighting source. Besides, since the tent is clear, more audience will have chance to look at the stage from the outside of the tent. And as a show model, I’ll be walking down the aisle by seeing Sakura trees blooming at my sides.

For the background music, Taiko drumming team will play the beat. I had a chance to hear the live play of Taiko at the rehearsal. It’s such a loud, heavy somewhat playful sound (because it’ll make you dance) so it’ll definitely grab people’s attention

Every year, I see an increasing number of cosplayers at the garden, and I’ll be happy to take photos of them. So please wait for my Sakura Matsuri photos in May~

Satruday, April 25th 4:15~4:45pm ♦ BBG Parasol Society (Lolita Fashion Show)
Sunday, April 26th 5:15~6:00pm ♦ Cosplay Fashion Show

Visit for ticket information

BBG calling out for cosplayers.

Brooklyn Botanic Garden is doing their 5th annual Cosplay Fashion Show on Sunday’s Sakura Matsuri (April 26-27th)

The online application is now up and due by April 4th. This is non-competitive event so you just hit the runway to show off your costume and have fun with audience and camera.

I participated last year and it was fun and left me great memory~ check out the BBG’s show rule and you should enter, too!

BBG Sakura Matsuri 2013 Report + Backstage of Cosplay Fashion Show

Sakura Matsuri 2013 – Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Day 1 – Saturday, April 27th

We took No. 3 train and got off at the Eastern Pkwy / Brooklyn Museum Station.


Every entrance of the garden had a looooooong line for buying tickets.
But this year, I was on the guest list meaning I could go directly to the staff entrance at 1000 Washington Ave.
Plus I could bring one person for free, too. ^_^


Cherry Esplanade was full of people while the other side of garden was less crowded.


And here are some cosplayers I met on Saturday.








Alice & I were dressed up as Lolita and Yukata.


And we had a lunch – Shrimp Onigiri, Egg Sandwiches, Salad & Pocky.
On our way back to home, we couldn’t stop ourselves getting “green tea / black sesame swirled ice cream” at Cafe Zaiya.


Day 2 – Sunday, April 28th { Cosplay Fashion Show }

Yeap, I got into this year’s Cosplay Fashion Show.
I checked myself in at the entrance of 990 Washington Ave where I got this purple wrist band saying that I was a performer who could enter the garden for FREE again!


Then, I headed to the dressing room with a staff who was escorting each performer from the entrance to the dressing room. @_+

I arrived to the dressing room around 12:30pm which gave me a short break until 1:30pm.


So from 1:30pm ro 4:00pm, we had pretty much enough time to dress up.
Uncle Yo visited to the dressing room and did a short interview with each model to prepare the brief intro for the show.
Then, at 4:15pm, the tramcars were ready to pick up cosplayers.


I had to sit alone in the back of the tramcar because of my wired hoop skirt. And I was going backwards facing people walking in the garden!

Sitting on a back of the tramcar was fun! And here’s what happened when I tried to take a picture of the people who tried to take a picture of me. >_<


We arrived at the backstage, and there were some treats for performers! Fresh fruits and cupcakes~



Uncle Yo got on the stage and it was time for us to line up and be ready!




Right after the show, we had a short photo time with photographers and visitors.
Then, we all walked back to the dressing room together.

The Cosplay Fashion Show was the very last event of Sakura Matsuri 2013.
The audience was supportive and the show staff were amazing as they were kind and patient to help each cosplayer’s needs.
If I get a chance, I’ll definitely apply for the next year’s show, and you should, too!
You’ll get complementary garden passes, sweet treats, …………….and a lot of FUN!