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Other than main website, there are more social media pages that can connect you & Cosaru.

Here are the top 3 pages I do more postings recently.
1. Facebook You can also send me a Facebook message to get a faster reply.
2. Blog
3. Tumblr

Photo Gallery & Flickr New photos will be up whenever I go to events, conventions, and photoshoots.

Twitter It’s connected to my Facebook page. So all my facebook postings will appear on my Twitter.

And these are the pages I almost abandoned, but may visit once in a while for update:, Cure, Youtube Official Blog Starts Today!

Happy New Year 2010!

Hello, this is Cosaru!
It’s the first day of 2010, and I’m happy to start my first post for official blog.

Mostly, I’ll come up with talking new proucts and updated news from online store.
If that’s not enough, I’ll also talk about things related to anime, cosplay & convention.
You’ll see the first preview pictures of upcoming new products here.

I hope this blog becomes a useful help for your next cosplay plan!

 – Posts will be updated as often as I can do.
 – If you have any question, please use the online contact form at website.