Preview: Kanebo Sakura

Kanebo Sakura Yukata Dress Set

A pastel-tone yellow/pink sakura printed yukata dress (fabric by KANEBO, Japanese textile company) is coming soon. This one will be the last dark colored yukata dress set for this season. After I’m done with it, I’m going with the bright colors like white or pink.

New product updates will be posted here. So please check this page regularly~


Black & Hot Pink Glitter Butterfly Yukata Dress Set (A)

☆ Update 5/20/13: SOLD


★ New Pre-Made Costume ★
Gothic & Lolita Limited Design Black & Hot Pink Glitter Butterfly Yukata Dress Set (A)
Price $159.95 – Available Qty (1)

Why is it named “Set (A)?”
Because I’ll make the second one in Set (B) with the same butterfly print, but slightly different design! >_<

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NYCC/NYAF 2010 Original Kimono Dress

Not wearing a wig is SUPER comfortable!  >___<
Yet, I’ll probably wear a wig and upgrade some of its details when I cosplay this outfit again next year.

Thank You for the photos, TheBigTog!

New York Comic Con / New York Anime Festival 2010
Sunday Photoshoot with TheBigTog

costume by
Cosaru Cosplay Group Photo Gallery

photo by TheBigTog