WakuWaku+NYC 2015 Day 1

Arrived at ‪#‎WakuWakuNYC‬. They do the bag check and water bottles are not allowed. T_T

Took a photo with ‪#‎Domo‬ at NHK WORLD booth, did a short survey, and received a sticker & balloon

Lolitas on the street! At ‪#‎WakuWakuNYC‬, waiting in line to see ‪#‎Putumayo‬ ‪#‎FashionShow‬. And I see Uncle Yo there.

At 6%DokiDoki booth, I spotted Sebastian Masuda Official, and took a photo with him! ^_^
This event is definitely a go for a Lolita and Decora fans/fashion!
After Putumayo fashion show, I came home with 6 pcs mini cream puffs, 2 boxes of takoyaki and 2 pcs redbean Medetai (fish-shaped cake). Day 2 will continue tomorrow~