Saturday NYCC 2014

Showroom and hallway were just packed with people. Yet we were so happy every time when we ran into other #BlackButler cosplayers.

And we’ll never pass this touch screen #selfie! You tab your badge right under the screen and it’ll take/email a photo of you. This is so useful to get a group  photo with friends~♡ Can’t wait to do this tomorrow!


Preview: Pre-Made Royal Blue Alice Maid Dress Set

Here’s a quick preview of upcoming new item!
This is the 3rd series of Pre-Made Alice Maid Dress Set that I’m currently working on.
The main colors are Royal Blue & White with Metallic Gold trim.
I just need time to take the photos. After that, the dress will be up for sale under Pre-Made page at website.

There are 2 other Alice Maid Dress Sets in Red & Candy Pink.
(currently listed under Pre-Made page)