New York Comic Con 2012 Photos ~Part 2~

Friday photos (Part 1 & 2) are all up.
Saturday photos (Part 3, Last) are coming soon.

Photos are available to see and download at Facebook & Flickr

cosaru is going to New York Comic Con

Cosaru is attending New York Comic Con on October 14, 15 & 16.
Somehow it’s sad to see the “anime” mood is dissapearing, yet the “comic” thing is overpowering the convention center.
Well…that’s what I felt seeing from the last year’s experience.
So I see the reason why it’s (mainly) called NYCC rather than NYAF…
But there will be still a number of anime cosplayers among marvel cosplayers, so I’ll be happy to go this year’s NYCC.
Cosaru is going to the con as an attendee, cosplayer, and photographer ^_^
Cosaru Cosplay Group will be there wearing new kimono-inspiring dresses I made.
I’ll post the photos of these new costumes as soon as I complete them  (hopefully before going to the con)

And while I’m busy making our new NYCC costumes, the September schedule is closed for taking custom-sized orders.
You may still order pre-made items in any time.
I’ll be able to start order-made/custom-sized items after the con ends on October 17th.

Dream of Doll SHALL & DELPHINE at NYAF 2009


At the last year’s New York Anime Festival, Cosaru Cosplay Group was cosplaying the characters from Dream of Doll.

More pics of SHALL and DELPHINE have been posted at website’s photo gallery.

Special thanks to the Cosaru model who cosplayed as Shall and Delphine!

+ Costumes made by COSARU
+ Photo by COSARU
+ I’m sorry Dream of Doll costumes are not available for order.