CPAC 2013

Castle Point Anime Convention 2013
April 7th, 2013 * Hoboken, NJ

Yeap, I went another college-run anime convention held in New Jersey.
This con was also easy to reach as I simply took a NJ transit Bus, and it only took less than 20 minutes from the Times Square/Port Authority Bus Terminal.


Bus Route #126, Zone 2, Round Trip Ticket $6.40


I already pre-registered online so the pick-up line was a way shorter than the other line of people buying at-doot-ticket.
I felt so lucky for avoiding a long line.


Then, I headed outside finding a dealers’ room.
The nicely color-printed program guide had a convention map, but since I’m a map-blind not seeing any kind of maps correctly, I decided to ask nearby CPAC staffs. And 2 staffs near the entrance of building had no idea where the dealers’ room is located. So I just wondered around this nice green campus looking for the specific building where other cosplayers were going into.
Yeap, in a convention like this, you don’t need a map, but follow your “cosplay” instinct.
And there was a scene I didn’t see at SpringFestNY 2013. The center of campus was filled with quite a lot of cosplayers!




Anyway, I found the dealers’ room & artists’ alley.


Then, I’m out again meeting TheBigTog Photography. We had one fun comedy Miku LOL photoshoot. ^_^

After the shoot, I headed back to NY getting on a bus 126 again.

Comparing to the previous college-run convention (SpringFestNY), CPAC was a little better in a way of saying you get a chance to see more cosplayers under nice sunny weather (a bit windy though). This was one day con and the online ticket cost only $12.00 so I definitely recommend you pre-register online to avoid a long waiting line next year.