I jump for joy

I jump for joy because
♪ I’m having a photoshoot at castle tomorrow!
New York Comic Con is only less than 2 weeks away!
♪ My favorite photog, TheBigTog Photography is celebrating his 5 years of doing cosplay photography!so jump with …me if you are happy doing cosplay!

Kagamine Rin (Vocaloid) - Project Diva 2ndKagamine Rin ✧ Vocaloid Project Diva 2 Opening
♬ Kocchi Muite Baby / こっち向いてBaby

Costume made by Cosaru
Photo by TheBigTog Photography

Love Is War

Vocaloid “Love Is War”
Hatsune Miku‘s Megaphones

Testor’s Lacquer was much better in cutting drying time than Krylon’s Fusion For Plastic.
Krylon’s paint spray seems to focus on larger projects such as furniture, while Testor’s spray is usually used for small toys like model kits. So thinking of that fact, I should have used Testor’s spray in the first place… Besides, I totally fell in love with their pearlized shimmering colors!

The heart logo was simply found at Google. Just type, “Supercell Logo.”
Then, I printed the image on adhesive inkjet paper, and covered with a sheet of adhesive clear vinyl to give an extra protection of ink getting smudged.

Black & Green Megaphone is for Miku, her original version.
And I made another one in Red & Hot Pink for Sakura Miku version.