Vocaloid Nurses ~Short Video Clip~

Vocaloid | Love Colored Ward | 恋色病棟 (Koi Iro Byoutou)

☆ Miku | @fairyflux
☆ Rin | @tada_its_daniii
☆ Luka | @reenicosplay
☆ Meiko | @cosaru

Liberty City Anime Con 2017
New York Marriott Marquis, Times Sqaure, NYC

▪ Miku & Rin costumes by Bodyline
▪ Luka & Meiko costumes by Cosaru.com
▪ Music by Oster Project

Happy holidays! 2015

Happy holidays!

Starting this week, I’ll have some time to make pre-made costumes~
So winter is my usual time when I can just sit back, relax, and sew!
I’ll definitely work on a new Yukata dress because I recently got a cute print Yukata fabric!
Also, I’m totally thinking of making one of the costumes from Card Captor Sakura & Di GI Charat. It’ll be the same costumes I’ve made before, but in updated design.

Have a cool+sweet+fun winter break!
Let your cosplay spirit alive within your heart~


#Santa #Miku by Cosaru
Photo by TheBigTog Photography

Photograph © 2014 TheBigTog. Any use of this photograph for ANY reason without the expressed written consent of the author is prohibited.


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